About Us

The Great Lakes Institute for Strategic Studies (GLiSS) is an independent policy think tank with exclusive programming on regional and international public policy issues.

The establishment of GLiSS addresses a major gap in the current landscape of think tanks in the Great Lakes sub-region. The Great Lakes sub-region is confronted with major policy and strategic challenges amidst growing opportunities and optimism.

However, the sub-region still lacks think tanks that are dedicated to further the understanding of complex regional issues and development policy responses to emerging policy challenges. Most of the think tanks in the sub-region are national in character or mainly pursue national policy agenda.

THE MISSION of GLiSS is to accelerate socio-economic transformation and inclusive development in the Great Lakes sub-region by providing evidence-based policy options that put men, women and the youth at the center of development policy and policy implementation.

OUR VISION is to become one of Africa’s leading independent policy think tanks working on contemporary and emerging strategic public policy issues at the continental and sub-regional level.

GLiSS STRATEGY is to focus on comparative policy research and tracking of implementation of regional policy commitments and obligations. The goal is to promote cross-country learning and peer pressure hence leading to innovation and consistent improvements in policy design and policy implementation at the regional and national level. We operate mainly through thematic study reference groups comprised of experts and professionals from the 5 partner states of the East African Community.

GLiSS seeks to add value to the work of existing think tanks in two fundamental ways. First, by taking a comparative approach to policy research and analysis, GLiSS promotes cross-country learning and creates peer pressure aimed at triggering innovation and consistent improvements in policy design and policy implementation at the regional and national level.

Our unique business model, thematic Regional Reference Study Groups (RRSGs) is a building block for creating a new generation of policy researchers, analysts and practitioners that think and act regionally. Organized around strategic and contemporary thematic areas, the RRSGs engage in continuous research, exchange of information and dialogue leading to publication of quarterly policy updates and biennial thematic policy reports.

some of the projects we have been involved in

the team behind gliss

  • Godber Tumushabe

    Godber Tumushabe

    Godber W. Tumushabe is Associate Director of Great Lakes Institute of Strategic Studies, He is a Lawyer, advocate, policy analyst and social entrepreneur. LLM, Makerere University, Master’s in Juridical Science, Stanford Law School. Founder, Technology Frontiers Education Centre. Godber is the former Executive Director, Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE).

  • Shawn Mubiru

    Shawn Mubiru

    Shawn Mubiru joined GLISS in January 2014 as IT/Communications Associate. Shawn’s focus is on promoting the use of cutting-edge technology, social media and interactive marketing strategies to enhance the impact information transfer and user experiences. Shawn is currently the IT/Communications Associate at GLISS, responsible for all digital channels of communication, updating and upgrading the GLISS website. His primary objective is to promote the work of GLISS across all digital platforms such as web related, video, social media and in the blogosphere. Shawn contributes to the Africa Blogging Network for Political Bloggers in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Deborah Namaara

    Deborah Namaara

    Deborah Namaara joined GLISS as a Program Assistant for GLISS Head office in Kampala. Before joining GLISS, Deborah worked for Photojenia, a photo studio as the Administrative Manager. Her main focus are receptionist duties, office support and administrative work as assigned by the Associate Director. Deborah holds a Bachelor in Arts and Social Sciences.

  • Jackie Batamuliza

    Jackie Batamuliza

    Jackline Batamuliza is a Program Associate at GLISS. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy from Nkumba University, Uganda. Before joining GLISS, she worked at Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UNCCI). Jackline’s focus is on the BRICS Program in the Great Lakes Region. She also carries out research assignments on other thematic areas relevant to the Institute. She takes special interest in keeping track on the governance issues in the Great Lakes Region. She is a member of the Pan African Club- Ugandan Chapter.

  • Daphine Natumanya

    Daphine Natumanya

    Daphine Natumanya joined GLISS in March 2014 as a graduate support staff, currently Daphine is the Program Associate at GLISS. Daphine’s focus on Program support and administrative work which includes keep tracking of the financial expenses and liaises with tax authorities regards to the Institute’s tax obligations. She also supports the Associate Director as assigned from time to time. Daphine holds Bachelors Degree in Business Statistics from Makerere University.

  • James Ssempijja

    James Ssempijja

    He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Quantitative Economics, from Makerere University. He possesses great love for using figures to make informed decisions. He has a one year and a half experience in research. His areas of Interest include; Finance, marketing, political, social and economic research. His first publication was "The effect of Internet marketing on sales performance of a firm."

    At the start of his career, He was among the pioneer members of Uganda’s first online retail shop; shop247 (u) Ltd. His research work helped the Company to gain more page visits, increased sales revenue by 5% and reduced marketing costs.

    He is currently working as a researcher at GLISS working on the District profiles Project that will avail social, economic and political data at district level.

  • Josephine Babirye

    Josephine Babirye

    Josephine Babirye Shanice is a Data Analyst at GLISS. She graduated from Makerere University, with a Bachelor Degree in Statistics. Her areas of interest is in service delivery and governance.

  • Barnet Musasizi

    Barnet Musasizi

    Barnet Musasizi is a trained social scientist with keen interest in political science and understanding how the society works. He has for the last two years accumulated vast knowledge from various engagements and trainings at various forum within Civil Society, he is working with the research team at GLISS.