Governance of agriculture and food security

Chapter 8 of the treaty establishing the EAC articulates a comprehensive agenda and a wide range of commitments to promote agriculture and achieve food security within the sub-region.

However, it is important to recognize that similar commitments were articulated in the Lagos Plan of Action and recently codified into the Common African Agricultural Policy (CAADP).

In this regard, it is tenable to argue that the failure of agriculture in Africa in general and the East African Community in Particular is not for lack of agreements, protocols or national policies. On the contrary, this failure is largely on the account of the failure by respective African countries and regions to implement the 6 commitments and strategies they have adopted.

GLISS will contribute to the implementation of Chapter 8 of the EAC Treaty by developing assessment tools and implementing regular scorecards on the implementation of the respective treaty commitments as well EAC partner states’ obligations under the CAADP.